Continental Ministries Europe is the umbrella organization of all the Continental groups on this continent. CME sends out each year appr. 30 groups to minister by means of music & the performing arts. Each group count 20-30 persons; so each year appr. 750 persons are selected, trained and go on a creative mission tour, doing 14-20 concerts during such summer tourproject (after meeting the professional training, followed by a short tour of 2-3 weeks). Continentals have reached over 10 million visitors, Continentals created over 100 LP/CD projects, have travelled to almost every nation around the world. Talented persons can join in the following categories: - Continental Kids (8-12 years) - Young Continentals (13 -16 years) - The Continentals (16-33 years) Other categories to join: - Sound of light technicians (16 years and older) - chaperones (18 years and older) Tours go in the languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Slowak and Romanian. Going with Continentals is the best professional training you can get in a summer; it all starts with asking the information how to do audition.
Contact:Leen la Riviere - Chairman
Adress:Postbus 81065
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