How to become a member?

To see change, improvement personally as well in society, we need to unite. Together we stand……together there is access to all possible provisions…..together is cross-fertilization, stimulation, challenge, encouragement…… So, please join.We ask you to join the artists group nearby. Again the list per nation of the organizations you can join. If there is nothing nearby or for any other legitimate reason, you can join the International Association of Christian Artists. Each organization has of course its own membershipsystem, by-laws, etc. So you need to ask for that when you want to sign up.

  • The tab ‘organizations’ shows all the member organisations of our network. You will find more informatie there, and a contactform to contact the local organization. We strongly recommend to become a member of a local organization.
  • Is there no local memberorganization available or are there any other reasons to participate in the international organization, you can sign-up for the International Association of Christian Artists here!