Adult education

Problems can begin a few years after completion of formal studies at conservatories, academies, dance-schools. Those problems include e.g.: “How can I find; where can I learn this skill for this possible job; what about this regulation”. Artists can be desperate to find further training that covers the issues raised. Therefore provides teachers in every area of art and culture. Feel free to contact the right teacher.

A very special modular form for leadership training in the arts and culture is the MASTERCLASS LEADERSHIP IN THE ARTS AND CULTURE. A series of 24 key lectures plus a series of books to study. This module is done on-line and starts each year beginning of january and the beginning of september. All info and how to participate can be found on:

Target group
The Academy’s target group consists of artists from all over Europe who require further training, following the completion of their education, in subjects relevant to their professional practice and labour opportunities. Those “students” are expected to subscribe/to respect the Academy’s profile.
Modules of this form of learning are done each year at the Christian Artists Seminar.
For further training: