Founded by Roberto Lento and Debora Kaptein in 2001, it has in its organization 4 pastors, 5 recording studios and arrangers as co-workers, 9 singer-songwriters and 3 graphics. LA MUSICA UNA MISSIONE INTERNAZIONALE ("Music, a Mission ^ International Onlus") or (LUMI ONLUS) produced 8 CDs and is working to release 2 more for the end of 2004. The mission logo is a lighthouse; this symbol represents not only a light in the world, but also a reference point for those brothers that want to record a CD and find themselves in a fog of difficulty. The main objective is to create, record and spread Christian music of quality and in every style, to reach as much people as possible. We also want to help other missions with the sale income; for us the CD doesn’t have to cost more of 10 Euros to the public, and we allow discounts up to 60% for the distributors, as incentive. Our aim for the future is to create an Academy to find and develop musical talents within the youths, and to organize Gospel concerts. We are also trying to record a normal CD audio but DVD compatible and PC compatible; to allow those who will buy them, to watch a video in the DVD reader, listen to the music in the CD portable reader and see the photos or documents on a computer.
Adress:Casella postale n.20
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