La Fonderie

La fonderie is…

A space…
to value, encourage, inspire and give audacity to Christians who work in the arts and in other creative professions

A community…
that explores the connections between art, culture and the faith of artists who are searching to (re)connect with God, to discover a life of passion!

An invitation…
to artists to come together at a variety of evenings and events in order to participate in the development of our own cultural and artistic space.

La fonderie has various project underway….

ENTRÉE DES ARTISTES: a monthly gathering where artists gather and find out what is going on with each other.

VERTICALE: a monthly worship experience

LAND ART: a seasonal excursion outside of Paris to make land art in a forest

CACHE-CACHE EXPERIENCE: a creatively spiritual experience in Paris or Amsterdam to seek out meaning/inspiration/transcendence in the urban context. English speakers are welcomed.

BIBLE STUDY: a series of 10-12 week studies

METRO MUSICIANS: a yearly concert designed to bless and encourage the musicians who perform in the Paris metro.

MUSICIANS ENCOUNTER: an informal weekly meet-up for musicians

MISSION NETWORK – ‘La Fonderie’ uses the arts to reach Parisian community

Adress:97 Rue Julien Lacroix
75020 PARIS
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