Int. Chr. Dance Fellowship ICDF

"The International Christian Dance Fellowship (ICDF) is an ecumenical fellowship that links individuals and organisations involved in dance and movement ministries around the world. Since its formation in 1988, national Christian Dance Fellowships (CDFs) have established in over twenty-five countries, with every continent represented. ICDF is a non-profit organisation that is financed through fees from member CDFs along with donations from supporters who include individuals and organisations wanting to further the aims of the ICDF. Activities of ICDF include international conferences, tours, publications, an online dance diploma course, networks for specialist interests and an award making Foundation. ICDF is administered by a committee consisting of the National Coordinator of each CDF and a smaller core working group of elected individuals which includes the International Coordinator. Spiritual advisers from various streams of the Christian faith, and leaders from a broad range of creative movement ministries, contribute their advice and expertise. All committee work for ICDF is done on a voluntary basis. International conferences are held every four years in a different country every time. Each member country hosts national, regional and local events. The duration of these events are 1-7 days.

Country:United Kingdom
Adress:14 Brecon Drive
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