Artisti Cristiani Associati

History: Artisti Cristiani Associati is a cultural no-profit association, founded in December 2000. At the present its members are active in the following fields of art ministry: Music, Painting, Christian Prophetic Dance, Literature, Media, TV, Art Counseling. Artisti Cristiani Associati (Artistic@) is an outcome of the Christian art ministry of their founders. Past. Maurizio Secondi is Founder and President, worship leader in Italy since 1975. Goals: - To promote the Gospel message, in its fullness, through the creativity, talent, and personal life of Artisti Cristiani Associati. - Artistic projects to sponsor gospel mission work. - On-going applied and dynamic training for the artists, encouraging them to express their God''s given personality, creativity, and vocation in the Christian art ministry. Counseling for artists. - The development of Artistic@network, in sharing experience, know-how, and resources among all those interested in the Christian art ministry in Italy. - Connecting to other international Christian art networks, in sharing a common vision in the Christian arts. Values: - The Christian art as an instrument of service and support in psychosocial marginalization, to further the recovery and development of the human being, and reaffirming his value and dignity. - The Christian art as an expression of the moral, social, and spiritual worth of the human being as created by God. - The underlying attitude, motivation, and character traits of the Christian artist, as foundational in sharing his personal artistic experience and ministry. Belief: Artisti Cristiani Associati is a Christ centered fellowship. It welcomes all Christian artists, and people interested in Christian art, who signify their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Mission Statement: The Christian art ministry as a God’s inspired act translated into empathy and solidarity toward our fellowmen. President Website Link: Bible Training & Counseling Ministry

Contact:Past. Maurizio Secondi - Founder & President
Adress:Via S. Vincenzo 19
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