Christian research centre

The Christian Research Center is active since 1994. We have members from different fields of activity. The organization is ecumenical. Special interests of our organization are: - Protection, research and evaluation of the religious arts heritage. - Popularization of the contemporary art-achievements - through art-exhibitions, symposiums, meetings, publications. - Protection of the Christian human values - through lectures, courses, scholarships. - Collaboration with other Christian organizations to strengthen Christian attitude and Christian way of life in our world. To fulfill this purpose we organize exhibitions, conferences, meetings of the professionals, lectures, publications, symposiums. We have organized up to now: - exhibitions and symposiums; - periodical courses in art aducation for children, youngsters and adult; - lectures with the biblical messages of the arts history; - symposiums of creativity. During the years we established three important collections in our towm: The Baroque Painting Gallery, The Catholic Church’s Treasury, The Reformed Church Museum.

Contact:M.jacobovits - coordinator
Adress:Str Brasovului 39
410026 Oradea
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