Artists Union International

Artists Union International
Our Group focuses on getting together all kinds of arts, especially sacred paintings and icons, the main theme is Christianity, which can be Catholic or non denominational, the only thing we ask is that you do not add artworks that offend other people's beliefs and religion.
We have a faceboook group which can be found here:
Once we get to know better each other, we can share experiences and be updated regarding the current situation on Christian art. As the world becomes more and more secularised, our Lord warned us that He is sending us out like "sheep among wolves; therefore we need to be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves." Matthew 10:16.
Therefore we need to be all the time updated about how our Christian art can counteract the secularised world.
Location: Ireland but open to all Christian artists around the world.

Contact:Vito Petrus Saracino - chairman
Adress:Corte Mario Spinelli N.5.
70032 Bitonto (BA)
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