The Sacrosong Foundation

The Sacrosong Foundation is the organization which conducts non profits activity. It is a active since 1969. We don't create our own art-group but we have good and permanent contacts with artists and art-groups, and we organize cultural events together. Our members come in general from Romancatholic church. Our statutory goals: Creation o f a substantial basis for activities which: a) help young people to develop creative attitude and artistic abilities and to improve human personality on the basis of religious, moral and patriotic value; b) inspire artistic creation and popularize compositions - artistic works inspired by the spirit of Polish cultural tradition; c) form mutual respect and confidence, brotherly relationships between people of various beliefs, confessions and nationalities; d) strengthen connections between Polish people abroad and the country, enhance awareness of common tradition of Polish culture, mainly by maintaining and popularizing family customs and ability of family celebration; e) prevent by available means spreading of social pathology, especially amongst youngsters; by available new jobs corresponding with social demand and their abilities; f) help to reach proper working conditions and professional qualifications; g) evoke sensibility and moral responsibility for contamination and destruction of the nature- our environment of life on the Earth, on the basis of Antoni Golubieuw''s concept World and Human Creation day; h) enable poor families live, settle and create convenient living conditions for people who want to work creatively until the old age, especially for artists with merits in culture development. The Sacrosong Foundations has organized 24 issues of the Sacrosong Sacral Creation Festival since 1969; for the first 10 years Cardinal Karol Wojtyla sponsored the Festivals; he has founded a prize, the Challenge Cup for creative communities.

Adress:Jesionowa 16
30 221 KRAKOW
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