Multifestival David

Multifestival David is a christian meeting of music and contemporary at dedicated to the service of the evangelization in our society. It was born in a postconciliar atmosphere where artists and pastoral agents from different groups and traditions were working in the search of new forms of celebration and faith communication that could unite the tradition with creativity, according to the present times. The first edition was in 1986, in Toledo, Spain, innitiatorLuis Alfredo Diaz. Our goals are in the first place, to open a dialog between pray, meditation, compromise and everyday culture in all its popular and classic forms, and to offer a Church experience, an experience of communion and diversity. It provides an opportunity for different christian traditions and groups to relate to each other. We make stress in communion and ecumenism in the most open and wide sense of the term. Every year we publish the program of Multifestival, with the schedules, artists, activities and articles about different issues, this year is going to be dedicated to HOPE. The Multifestival David takes place also in countries like Mexico, Uruguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, USA.

Adress:Los Cabos 92, Convento
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