Master Music

Master Music's aim is the development of artistic devices for the communication of the Gospel, the development of French contemporary Christian music and organization of humanitarian and social events. Master Music is an interdenominational association. Its development implies organizing concerts and tours, shows and celebrations (more than 700 so far), producing albums and editing (scores, LIVE magazine until 2004). Master Musics productions are available in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Quebec and Africa. Since 1990, Master Music has been working with more than 200 partners (churches, communities, associations, city halls) presenting groups able to put up with their expectations. This diversity of bands and formulas performing concerts and leading meetings are the strength of Master Music. Since 1990, more than 700 concerts have been given gathering more than of 260 000 people. Since 2001 Master Music produces and manages New Gospel Family, a group of 80 singers and musicians. Already 7 concerts have been organized in the Zenith of Paris, Nancy, Montpellier, and Marseille (one of the most prestigious concert hall in France). 2 singles, 3 albums, 1 DVD and more than 160 concerts have been realized since June 2001. New Gospel Family innovates by a well done mix of traditional gospel songs and modern gospel songs (R&B, groove). The group performs in French, in African and in English. They gather all kind of generations. Products: CD, K7, DVD, Music sheet, Soundtracks

Contact:Edgard Vandenbroucque - President
Adress:Tour Europa-103, avenue de l'Europe
94320 THIAS
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