DEOrecordings Association

Since the early beginnings still in1975, when a Christian Music Group DEOdecyma started performing and evangelizing, this ministry has evolved into a structure of DEOrecordings Assocation -a non-profit interdenominational Christian structure with a mission of bringing the message of the Gospel to contemporary, often indifferent man by the means of music and media. Three companies were formed, owned by the Association: - Studio DR- a professional music recording studio with video editing capabilities, music publishing house-label, cassette duplication plant, distribution of Christian music from all over the World, also on internet, full color quarterly Magazine CCM, mail order club. - Radio CCM FM network- a Christian commercial radio with 5 transmitters - MCC group advertisement company and consulting firm. In all those years, thousands of programs were released, some millions of cassettes and CD’s distributed. Our catalog has over 3.000 titles. Some 40 people are employed in all the structures, some part-time.
Adress:Postbox 15
43460 WISKA
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