Christian Artists/Continental ministries in Italy

Christian Artists in Italy is not yet a legal organization, but since year 2000 it has been organizing a yearly (at first we had it twice a year) conference. We have chosen to direct our work towards all forms of art, in the fields of music, modern and classic, in the performing arts with mime, evangelistic arts and acting, in the visual arts with painting, drawing, sculpture, graphics (also web design). Our main goal is to equip all artists with the awareness of the calling that God has given each born again believer to carry the message of the Gospel to the world, helping them to express it in whatever form of art and communication. Organizers, teachers and invited artists are coming from several evangelical backgrounds, mainly free-evangelical, pentecostal and bretheren. CONTINENTAL MINISTRIES is the official representation of the Continentals in Italy


Adress:Via Ponte Capriasca 17
6945 Origlio
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