Baptist Youth of South Africa

Rev. Harold Peasly who envisioned the community at large being reached through the vehicle of drama, dance and music established the Organisation 23 years ago. Over the years the ream has gone through three name changes. At present BYSA is comprised of four teams: two fusion teams, one missions team and one steam team, all of whom have been trained in various ministries. As the world around us has changed so too have we attempted to remain abreast with the current event around us. When the teams first came into operation its initial emphasis or focus was mainly on drama, dance and music. As it grew in its vision the team ministry extended to life skills, HIV, Aids and sport. We age now at the stage where we have also incorporated children''s ministry, youth ministry and missions. Our ultimate goal therefore is to reach people through evangelism. In terms our goals, we have two foci within the denomination of Baptist churches where we minister, firstly: To develop churched who will integrate and utilize children and youth as fully fledged members of the body of Christ, and, to use them in the total ministry of the church, and, secondly in terms of reaching unsaved people to whom we minister, we exist to present the children and youth of Southern Africa with the viable alternative of a God - fearing lifestyle. The team members hail from an evangelical background of various denominations from all over the country. One of our special interests currently is HIV, Aids. We publish a newsletter about two or three times a year.

Country:South Africa
Adress:Private Bag X45, Wilro Park
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