Christian Academy Latvia

This is an official academy for education on university level. The academy is based on christian values, and principles like ora et labora. The academy offers professional studie in the arts, social sciences, practical theology; bachelor, master and doctor studies. The Academy is active since 1993, has members active in Church altar painting and Icon painting, provides caourses in Arts of the Biblical times (Old and New testament). History of the Academy started soon after the collaspe of Communism, it became the center for Christian education in Academic theology, Christian social work and Biblical (Church) arts. Fully State accredited. Goal of the Academy is to educate young people and adults interested in Church growth and use of arts in the spiritual maturity. Values of the Academy concentretate around the Incarnate Word of God in Christ Jesus. His mission was fulfilled on the Cross of Golgotha and is continued in the Church for salvation of humanity. The Academy is open for all Christians, but the concept is based on the Orthodox approach in concept and theology. All Christians are welcomed. Missionstatement: Latvia as one of those countries freed from Atheist regime suffers from waves of European liberalism and hedonism; Christian values - found in the beginnings of the classical culture of the continent - should be kept dearly and fed by prayerful ministry of the present generation. Activities of members of the Academy include exhibitions - both Latvian and foreign, study courses on extension ( Sweden), conferences for vast audiences on the present situation in the Christian arts. Number of members active in the Biblical (Chruch) art department varies 10 - 20. Special interests of our organization are: Ancient Near East, Jesus time and Byzantine art. Also modern-day search for a key for the Christian tradition to be alive. A Collection of articles published by the Latvian Christian Academy is under print, expected at the end of 2005. Persons should join us if they are looking for fresh approach to ancient Icon painting traditions. Russia is mainly "close" world for people from the Western Europe, - Latvian serves as a doorway for those who would be interested in Icon painting in ther Orthodox church.
Adress:E. Veidenbauma 10
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