Fundatia El

In January 1990, only weeks after the fall of the Communist regime in Romania, a group of five Christian artists gathered and organised the first Christian art exhibition, Laudatio. It was the first time artists were able to exhibit works that had a Christian character and were able to speak about the content of their art. The group formed then was named Stigma (from teh wounds of Christ). In the following years, the group enlarged and more artists joined, continuing to exhibit together in Romania, Hungary and Germany. Most members were senior painters and graphic artists, all faithful to the Christian thematic of the exhibitions. Starting 1996, a group of junior Christian artists started a similar group and organised numerous events (visual arts exhibitions, street performances and happenings) under the name They exhibited in Romania, Germany and England. Liviu Mocan was founding member of both groups. Striving to fulfill an old dream of organising an international sculpture symposium, he had to establish a legal framework that could support the financial efforts of such an event. The El Foundation was legally established in 1995 by Liviu Mocan and Radu Bocaniciu, with main objective- as stated in the legal status: 1. The creation and/ or organisation of art, art symposiums, seminars and conferences, happenings and performances aiming at presenting a Christian perspective on comtemporary art in the fields of sculpture, painting, graphics, film, music, performing arts, etc. 2. The promotion of El Foundation, Liviu Mocan organised “The Good Samaritan” International Sculpture Symposium (1996) in Clujana Hospital, leaving in permanent display on the halls and gardens of the hospital, stone, wood, bronze and ceramic sculptures that speak of the parable from the Bible and the special role that the caregivers have in the world. Many events of were also organised numerous presentations of classics, artistic movies that promote Christian values, both in churches and in art venues. The founding members of El Foundation come from a Baptist background, but in the selection of art artists, no preference is given to any Christian background. The activities of the Founation take place in various settings, from church facilities to national art museum, commercial art galleries or in the street. El Foundation is continuing to prospect developments of new means of expression of the Christian faith in a contemporary setting. In our events, we strive to present Christ to the lay world, while proclaiming Him in the church through modern, contemporary means of expression.
Contact:Luviu Mocan - President
Adress:Str. Colinei 11
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