Anno Domini Assocation

The Anno Domini Association was founded in June 1997 by its President and Promoter, Aurelio Pitino. This no-profit Association aims at: Developing and expanding the knowledge of Art and Music, particularly Contemporary and Gospel, with the attempt to train, inform and educate youngsters to the Word of God; promoting, within the powers of the Association, cultural and re-creative activities to sustain through Faith the best possible human and cooperational bonds among its members. The goals of the Anno Domini Association 1. To promote and hold Festivals (the A.D.Multifestivals), meetings, seminars, stages, workshops, art & music shows and exhibitions capable of generating a substantial contribution to worthy charity initiatives and to generate attention to Christian topics of major urgency according to the the relevant occasion; 2. To produce, publish and distribute through its network any material (Anno Domini Magazine) relevant to the goals and mission of the Association, with the belief that - through such promotion - the message of the Gospel will be further acknowledged world-wide. The Anno Domini Association main objectives are to: 1. Improve - through its workshops and stages - individual professional growth in the single disciplines; 2. Meet people - particularly artists - of different countries, cultures and personal background; 3. Share new experiences and experiment new forms of music & art; 4. Enquire on new creative techniques regarding music & art; 5. Establish contacts and network with international artists. One of the most exciting aspects of the association is the ecumenic approach to all disciplines, in fact many members come both from catholic and evangelical churches. SKYPE:associazione.anno.domini


Contact:Aurelio Pitino - President
Adress:Via Cavaglia 28/D
10026 SANTENA [TO]
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