Christian Arts Assocation Nepal (CAAN)

The organization is active in the field of writing, drama, songs, arts; it attempts to be active in all fields of the arts. Before 1990 it was known as the communication committee to avoid government''s notice. At that time Christian literature an audio-cassettes were the main areas of our ministry. Our overall goal was to share the Gospel through the medium of all kinds of media. From the 1990s we named it the Christian Arts Association of Nepal (CAAN). Religious background: except cults, all Christian denominations are in it. In fact, no religious background is a barrier. Special interests: conducting a music school; our main interest or involvement is to teach how to lead worship and praise in the growing Church in Nepal and in the Himalayas. We have a magazine in Nepali. Important issues: we need committed personnel wo could given oneself to the ministry of media, to tap unlimited music resources to put into the local church.

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