Arts in Mission

What is the history of Arts in Mission? Founded in 1995 after a think tank a Council of Reference was set up and the initiative was launched by series of road shows around the UK. Since then we have published two resource directories (1996, 1998) and held two national conferences (1997, 1999). We are now working on the 3rd directory, which is to be uploaded on the web and the next conference is planned for May 2001. Prayer links between artists and church leaders have been encouraged and artists have been used extensively in the work of healing and evangelism. The work extended into India in February 1999 and is now reaching out into South Asia and beyond! What are the values of Art in Mission? Resourcing Christian artists as part of the body of Christ. Encouraging an understanding of the Christian world view of arts in the 21st century. Including all disciplines, all Christian denominations and all artists, amateurs and professionals communicating as a bridge between artists, Christian leaders and the wider community. What is the vision? A large red carpet was pictured, extending from the steps of an aircraft touching the earth and spreading to the far horizon. Christian artists of every discipline paraded across the carpet, which was showered with music and lights. Silk, banners and pictures arrested the eye, while tumblers, actors, potters and engineers were united in spontaneous celebration. And drawn by the vibrant sights and sounds, other people were walking on to the carpet, coming in from the blackness outside. The artists greeted them, welcoming them into the Kingdom of God.

Country:United Kingdom
Adress:The House of Bread, Ross Rd., Christchurch
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