Gospelproject Ruhr

The Gospelproject-Ruhr is lead by Christa Merle. She has studied music at the Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik Robert Schumann Institut Dusseldorf. Christa and her Team has the goal and the vision to win as many people as possible for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. With our Gospel Events like Concerts and Musicals we love to provide the ultimate attraction. People of the most several backgrounds should have a good time with the songs of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the Gospel-Music we want to enable people to open their hearts for Gospel-Songs and later for Jesus Christ. Often people make the Gospel-Songs to their personal prayer and so they can get in Contact with Jesus Christ. Often they just like the music and begin to be attracted to the music and the message of the Gospel. We love to make the first contact between people and Jesus Christ, sometimes it is the New Beginning of Life. We are not a christian church by ourselves, we love to help to advice people to find a congregation of Christian Brothers and Sisters, a vital Church at their home-town. The Gospelproject -Ruhr exists in this form and shape since spring 2001. We have two different quires. Gospelproject- Ruhr XS is our quire for kids and teens. Gospelproject-Ruhr XL is our quire for teens and adults, attired by Gospel-Music. During our last year we hadown- concerts with 11.000 guests and Gospel-Fans. Beside this we had a Guest-Concert in the Stadium of Schalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen during the American Football Match of Rhein-Fire❠with minimum 30.000 people. As the number of our singers is rising rapidly we opened a Gospel-, Dance- and Musical-School last summer. Beside this we are about training our own members for the Message behind the Gospel-Music....Jesus Christ.

Contact:Christa Merle -
Adress:Dorstenerstrasse 220-a
44625 HERNE
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