AFAC - Association Francophone pour Artistes Chr├ętiens

The first meetings took place at EGS-studio in La Louvière in 1984. Most of the members are musicians, but there are dancers and visual artists too. Once a year, Ruben Wautier invites all the Belgian Christian artists for an all-day-long meeting, to know each other and to enjoy fellowship. In 1998, some members decided to create an association: the "AFAC" French Association of Christian Artists. Most of the members are protestant, but several members are catholic. Our goals are to encourage the artists to progress in their art, but also in spiritual domain and therefore, we organize concerts, talent evaluations, seminars and other events. We also wish to sensitize the church leaders to the very important role of the Christian Artists.

Contact:Ruben Wautier - Chairman
Adress:44, Rue Claquedent
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